Our Mission

We aim to create a furry hangout, or a “refuge” from everyday life, that is a community-based chat room and game server network. We want our furry friends to be able to meet up as well as play games together in a completely chill space and be able to just have fun. We want to ensure no one is left out and everyone is having fun!

Everything we offer is free, but we hope you donate as it keeps us able to keep this place alive and set up all the newest game server software to play on! Not only does the proceedings go back into the community to improve and offer new services and games, it also goes a little bit more directly into the community as give aways and prizes when we have events!


Miss Moth is our fun-loving mascot who represents Furry Refuge and is an ‘open character’ for anyone to draw or use! Feel free to include her in your art.

Moth Ref Page
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As Head Security & Admin I keep the chats and game servers secure and manage the admin/mod team, If you need help or have an issue in one of our chats or servers, feel free to message me, I’ll gladly help!

Discord: GRT#5705

Mrs Feathers

As sys admin, I keep all the servers up and running! If you have any issues, feel free to contact me, I love to help!

Discord: Mrs. Feathers#2047





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